A Flash website, hosting, online address, editing: $29.95 (normally $599.00)

February 20th, 2010 No Comments   Source User Submissions

VIP Enterprise (VIPenterprise.com/Feb14) is currently offering the first 750 customers an all-inclusive Flash website package for, wait for this, $29.95. After receiving the instant rebate of 95%, you will get a Flash website (unlimited text, a home page, 2 content pages with photos, a “Contact” page), 2(!) years of unlimited hosting and free editing by Flash professionals.

This really is a cool little package. You will even get your own banner-free online address – no need to buy a domain name! Of course, if you already have a domain or if you are planning on getting one, you can use it too. C’mon, all you have to do is to come up with some content, take a few pics and these guys will stick it all online for you. Giftwrapped in Flash!
This is how your 2-year $29.95 Website and Hosting bundle looks like:

A Flash home page
2 Content pages (unlimited text and up to 3 photos per page)
A “Contact Us” page
2 years of unlimited hosting
2 years of additional editing done by the VIP Enterprise Flash experts (more on this below)
Your own banner-free online address (or you can point your domain to the newly created website location or place your new site on ns1/ns2 servers of VIP Enterprise)

No wonder this pack normally sells for $599! The sweetest thing is that the post-publishing editing of your new site will not cost you extra, even after you get the 95% discount. Listen to this. After they make sure you like your new website and that everything is up and running, they will still give you 4 extra editing hours. This is going to be enough to change all your photos and every line of your text every six months during the prepaid two years. They actually guarantee this. At $30! What a bargain! You just have to email them with your new content whenever you want to change anything. Did we mention this extra service is also included in the price? Okay, let’s all calm down now!

Anyway, it’s probably impossible to find an all-inclusive website deal under 30 bucks or under $50 or even under $100! Especially if it’s fully prepaid for 2 years and it includes professional editing! We know for sure that this is not a price mistake but we also know that this deal will be over very very soon. Make sure to be among the first 750 people who receive the 95% discount. After all, how often can you save over $569 on a $599 package?

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